A happening city and an IT hub, offering employment to large number of people has also opened its doors to many end users seeking an abode here. Real estate developers such as Brigade Group, House of Hiranandani, Prestige Group, Sobha Limited etc. is constructing some of the most beautiful and comforting homes for its residents. These apartments are situated in a well-located area from where schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping marts are available just around the corner. There are certain advantages of buying from an ongoing apartment project. Firstly, you get an opportunity to choose an apartment+flo
Owning a dream home happens once in a lifetime for most of us. What if you come to know about its drawbacks after investing almost 50% of your hard earned money? Won’t you feel cheated in that case? This is a common situation suffered by most of the apartment owners in Bangalore. A quick advice is to, do your homework thoroughly before investing such a huge amount. The decision to buy an apartment in the Silicon Valley is not a day’s job. It might take years to finally land up in your desired home. Some of the things that should be kept in mind before finalizing any decision are that first of all al
Don’t you think your abode is your sanctuary? It is a place where you relax and enjoy with your family. So it is very important that you make snap decisions and think wisely before buying one for you. If you have a huge family, then 4 BHK is your requirement. It has 4 bedrooms, one hall and a kitchen with washrooms to make you feel enough free to give way to your innovations. 4 BHK flats are nestled with balcony to making your home sufficiently airy and ventilated and full of light and freshness. 4 BHK apartments vary in their occupying area depending upon the location and availability of land. Builde
Happiness and comfort can be well defined by architecture. Maximising the feeling of space and ease of living is fundamental to good apartment design. A 3 BHK apartment that too in a city like Bangalore is all about the same. A 3 BHK apartment consist of three bedrooms, with a hall and a kitchen accompanied with one or two bathrooms. They receive enough light and ventilation to make you feel elevated and fresh all through the day. Attached balcony to such apartments beautifies them even more and gives you a perfect morning and evening glance of nature right from the lap of your splendid apartment. Most
A famous quote by Robert Montgomery “Home, the spot of earth supremely best, a dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest”, is true in every sense especially when you are planning to have your own abode that too in a city like Bangalore. This city is the country’s one of the fastest growing metropolitan for its booming IT services. Population from not only the other parts of the country but also foreign countries are flocking to this city resulting in high accommodation need. So this is resulting in growth of the real estate sector in the city. You can easily figure out the skyscraping apartments in e
If you are single or a student, a retired individual or one of those who spend a lot of time away from home, but need someplace to sleep once in a while, then studio apartment often called bachelor apartment can be your choice. Studio apartments are usually low-cost and have nearly all utilities which a bachelor needs. Studio Apartments are gaining popularity all across the globe especially in the city like Bangalore where apartments are wearing quite an expensive price tag day by day. Studio apartments, also known as an efficiency apartment or a studio flat are small but self-contained. Studio apartmen
Whitefield in East Bangalore is one of the busiest zones in Bangalore city. Bestowed with greenery all around, the eastern zone of Bangalore has seen many developments recently. Being located conveniently and due to easy transportation to rest of the zones, this place is becoming a favourite amongst most of the people. Many well-known companies like Container Corporation of India, Wipro, United Telecom, Jaico Automobile Engineering and Hindustan Liver Research Centre etc. are branching out slowly. Factors like planned residential apartments, hospitals, schools, shopping centres are becoming the main poi
Sarjapur, located in the south-eastern part of Bangalore, is evolving as a real estate hub past 5 years. The connectivity to Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli, Whitefield and Electronic city is one of the main reasons behind the rapid growth of Sarjapur. Seeing the prospects of growth in this region, IT leaders Wipro and Infosys planned to invest in this region. Now these IT giants have set up an IT SEZ acquiring almost 202 acres of land. So, as this stretch is becoming one of the busiest IT corridors, the real estate developers predicted a huge demand for residential apartments and hence launched various p
Bangalore is not only ‘Silicon Valley’ of the country but it is the city of hopes and dreams for all those who possess some conviction to have a life full of comfort and lavishness. So is true with the New apartments in Bangalore which are all the synonyms to opulence and makes you feel as if you are in the lap of luxury. The new apartments in Bangalore are all aesthetically planned and echoes the lush and peace all around them. These apartments not only are meant for offering you shelter but are meant to provide you with the regal feel accompanied with all the civil utilities in the proximity of yo